Company offers free domain names for students

Students across Boston can now take advantage of free domain names provided by NameCheap for Education to promote their online presence and take charge of their personal brand, according to a report by the Daily Free Press.

The price of a domain name, the Daily Free Press said, can be prohibitive to college students, preventing them from forming a positive online forum for their body of work. Being able to obtain a free domain name could enhance a student’s professional, educational, and social lives.

The company, according to the Daily Free Press, had already had steep involvement with college students, having participated in college hackathons, or collaborative programming events that promote college-aged students to show off their coding skills.

The tech company already offers low-cost domain names for purchase, though their latest initiative seeks to provide these names at little to no cost, according to the Daily Free Press. A domain name ending in “.me” will be completely free, while a personal domain ending in “.com” or “.link” would be very inexpensive compared to the full-price product. 

“Internet freedom and privacy is at the core of our culture,” NameCheap Head of Product Teddy Worcester said in an email to The Daily Free Press . “A domain name is a really important component to building a personal brand. Setting up an email and site on a personal domain goes a really long way in a job search or really any professional endeavor. And best of all, it’s free, so it won’t break the bank.”