Conservatives, be liberal with your voice

Joe Wilson shout out the loudest conservative critiques, I am reluctantly making a call to all Emerson College students who identify as Republican, libertarian or conservative to stop hiding, and organize.,During a time when ideologues like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and US Representative

Joe Wilson shout out the loudest conservative critiques, I am reluctantly making a call to all Emerson College students who identify as Republican, libertarian or conservative to stop hiding, and organize.

I am proud to be a moderate Democrat. My colleagues and I have been waiting for over three years to face any sort of informed political discussion diverse enough to extend beyond left, ultra-left and too left to be taken seriously on the Emerson campus.

Although college students tend to vote and identify as Democrats, there are those even at Emerson, the most liberal of liberal arts colleges, who dare to stand steadfast on the right side of the political spectrum. I respect that they have established a voice despite the criticism they face.

All Emerson conservatives should follow their example. What a sad state we are in when Emerson’s own talk radio network, ETIN, cannot create a balanced political talk show because it cannot find Republican

students prepared to speak about their beliefs.

As president of the Emerson College Democrats, I am often on the show. To this day, no Republican has been featured, and it’s not because they aren’t invited.

Right-wingers, I am certain that you’re out there. Do not continue hiding for fear that Emerson is too liberal to engage in an intelligent, respectful debate. Give us a chance.

I understand it must be hard out there for a GOP. However, groups like the College

Republican National Committee have chapters on almost every campus nationwide.

The College Republicans has over 200,000 members on nearly 2,000 college campuses in every state, according to the group. These organizations exist to aid those interested in building an important addition to the political and social spectrum that already exist on campuses around the country, including those at Emerson.

There is no need to endure the onslaught of liberal criticism alone. Organize, network

and create a collective voice that will be heard all across our modest campus.

From my experience as Emerson Democrats

president, I know that political groups at Emerson thrive. There is no reason a Republican group could not succeed, even if numbers were small at first. Successful student organizations already exist, including a non-partisan club known as the Communication, Politics and Law Association, Earth Emerson and Emerson Peace and Social Justice.

The missing link: a Republican or conservative group recognized by the Student Government Association.

Your lack of organization is communicating

one of two things-You don’t believe you have a cause worth working for, or you’re lazy. I don’t believe either to be the case, but after three years, what is one to believe? It is an awful message

that certainly will not win over any new Emersonians.

Now is a crucial time for the right to coalesce and take a stand for their principles. Our Democratic president, Barack Obama, is attempting to build support across the country for health care reform. As of press time, this highly controversial proposal has yet to make it out of the Senate Finance Committee.

It should be a great topic of debate for college politicos. This is a great time for a conservative club to recruit based on issues. For all those who dread a government option for health care or disagree with the president’s strategy in Afghanistan, or whatever your quibble may be, now is the time to recruit. At the very least, come onto the Democrats’ talk radio show and tell us why you think we are wrong.

When I arrived at Emerson over three years ago, we boasted no active Democratic club. Along with an ambitious, talented group of freshmen, I helped build such an organization on campus.

Today, we thrive.

Emerson Democrats has a substantial presence on campus with growing numbers, regular speakers and a radio show where we frequently host guests from Democratic posts throughout Massachusetts. It is time for the other side to be heard. It is time for real multifaceted political discussion on campus.

Your conservative numbers throughout the college may be limited, but your legitimacy is not. It is time for you, the “black sheep” at Emerson, the libertarian, Republican and the social conservative, to solidify your mutual beliefs, unlock your jaws and speak up.,Christopher R. Boutillier