Contest to determine name of 2 Boylston Cafe


A contest hosted by the Office of Campus Life will determine the new name for the cafe at 2 Boylston Place. Student submissions were accepted be ginning Oct. 8. 

A committee of students, faculty, and staff, including members of the Student Government Association, will select the winner on the week of Oct. 15.

James Hoppe, vice president and dean for campus life, said the winning student will receive $200 in ECCash.

“Selecting the name is one piece of it,” Hoppe said.“We also look at how that fits into a marketing plan[for the cafe] and how we can present it.” 

Construction of the cafe and dorm at 2 Boylston Place was completed in summer 2017. 

With the Little Building under construction, Emerson has lost its previous dining hall and C-store. While a brand new dining hall and C-store have been established, the cafe remains as an alternative dining option. 

The committee intends to promote student spirit, and to name the cafe something creative, Hoppe said.

Sophomore political communication major  Zachary McCarthy said he believes the contest will bolster the college’s rebranding initiative.

“I think [the contest is] a good way of passing things to the students after the rebranding thing kind of had mixed reception,” McCarthy said. “Even if people joke or throw in stupid names, it brings attention to the new place so people know it’s actually here.”