CPLA granted $5,031 for D.C. trip


The Emerson College Communication, Politics, and Law Association received $5,031 from the Student Government Association after its appeal Tuesday.

The CPLA asked for additional funds to enable 14 members to attend their annual trip to Washington, D.C. in April. The CPLA also received donations from other student groups, including the Phi Alpha Tau fraternity and Emerson Peace and Social Justice.

Tau Zaman, SGA vice president, asked what the remainder of the organization’s $1,563 budget would be used for over the remainder of the semester. Melinda Waren, CPLA president, said they are bringing in the Little Field Award for an Emerson alumni and will be working on other service events for which they need the funds.

Jeffrey Rizzi, performing arts senator, spoke in favor of the appeal.

“Based on the work they have done, I give them my full support to go on the trip. All the CPLA members hold such high standards,” Rizzi said.

The appeal passed unanimously.

Xakota Espinoza, Assistant News editor of the Beacon and PR Director for CPLA did not edit this story.