Crime Log 01/14

Sunday, Jan. 3

Emerson College Police Department investigated a report of an unauthorized student having access to a residential floor during winter intersession.

Wednesday Jan. 6

An employee of Barnes and Noble at Emerson College reported the theft of two sweatshirts, a total value of over $115.00. The crime was caught on camera and ECPD is trying to identify the suspects.

Saturday Jan. 9

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A student reported having personal property stolen while inside the CVS on Washington Street. 

Sunday Jan. 10

Two students reported having personal property stolen from their rooms during winter intersession.

Monday Jan. 11

ECPD escorted a suspicious person from The Paramount Center after he was found wandering around on the fourth floor. The person was given a trespassing notice and told to not enter any Emerson College property in the future on threat of arrest.