Crime Log 10/15

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Iwasaki Library staff reported the theft of college property from the space.

The Emerson College Police Department is investigating suspicious telephone messages to a staff member.

ECPD and Facilities Management investigated a reported smell of smoke at the Tufte Performance and Production Center. A thorough check of the building showed no evidence of fire.  

A student reported the theft of personal property while walking back to their residence hall from Tremont Street.

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Students reported stolen property taken while inside Tufte.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

A student in Piano Row reported finding their mail opened and emptied.

Thursday Oct. 8

ECPD investigated a report of a trash barrel fire at Boylston Place. Upon arrival, there was evidence of a burnt napkin on the ground, but no damage to the contents of the container.  

A student reported the theft of personal property left inside a studio at the Paramount Center.

A student reported a fraud attempt while trying to rent an apartment.

Friday, Oct. 9

An ECPD officer witnessed an accident between two students and a bicyclist on Washington Street. Neither student was injured in the accident.

Sunday, Oct. 11

ECPD extinguished a trash fire in front of the Little Building. It appeared to be caused by the disposal of a lit cigarette.

A semitrailer truck making a delivery to Emerson’s Colonial Theater struck the scaffolding near the Little Building while make a turn, causing minor damage. Facilities Management was notified so they could inspect the scaffolding for structural harm.