Crime Log 10/22

Tuesday, Oct. 13

The Emerson College Police Department and Boston Fire Department investigated a alarm activation at the Little Building. A visual and thermal check of the violated area showed no sign of fire. It is unknown why the alarm malfunctioned. J. & M. Brown Company, Inc., Emerson’s electrical contractor, was notified for a reset.

Thursday, Oct. 15

A staff member reported being assaulted while walking on Boylston Street. The individual was uninjured during the assault.

Sunday, Oct. 18

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An ECPD officer investigated a missing safety barrier from the construction site at Boylston Place. The investigation revealed that a student had removed it. ECPD found the student and returned the item. Student conduct was made aware of the incident for possible disciplinary action.

ECPD investigated a report of people stealing bicycle parts inside the loading dock area at 555 Washington St.  ECPD found it in a dumpster that had parts removed but it is unknown at this time if the bicycle had been stolen or discarded.

Monday, Oct. 19

A student reported the theft of their wallet at 180 Tremont St. ECPD had the student thoroughly check their belongings and the item was located.