Crime Log 12/3

Wednesday, Nov. 18

There were two code of conduct violations reported on Boylston Street by administration.

A drug law violation was reported by administrative sanction at 150 Boylston St.


Thursday, Nov. 19

A violation of the controlled substances act was reported by the Boston Police Department on public property.


Thursday, Nov. 20

A code of conduct violation was reported on Washington Street by administration at 2:15 a.m.


Saturday, Nov. 21

An incident of harassment occurred on public property.


Monday, Nov. 23

A theft occurred on Boylston Street.


Tuesday, Nov. 25

Four code of conduct violations were reported by administration on Boylston Street.

One weapons violation was reported by administration on Boylston Street.


Sunday, Nov. 29

An incident of arson occurred on Boylston Street at 2 a.m.