Crime Log, Nov. 6

Monday, October 27 

Securitas stopped a man trying to go to the sixth floor of Colonial without an ID.


Tuesday, October 28

Emerson College police officers on patrol saw that the doors of Stage Nightclub were open. There were no signs of burglary. ECPD closed the doors.

ECPD saw a man picking up tools left inside the archway of the Little Building.  He said that he wasn’t stealing the tools, but was looking at them. ECPD asked him to leave.


Wednesday, October 29

ECPD received a report from someone who saw two women break a window at the closed Remington’s restaurant.  


Thursday, October 30

ECPD found two people acting suspiciously behind a dumpster in a loading dock area. They were identified and asked to leave the area.

A student’s laptop was stolen in Paramount.

A person charging their phone using one of Paramount’s outdoor electrical outlets was asked to leave when ECPD found they had no Emerson affiliation.

A student’s wallet was stolen. The student said it may have been taken on the T.


Saturday, November 1

ECPD and the Boston Fire Department responded to smoke coming from a Little Building room’s ceiling tiles. A faulty light ballast was the cause of the smoke and has been shut down until it’s repaired.


Sunday, November 2

A Nook tablet was stolen from Barnes and Noble.