Director of Public Safety fired from college

After seven years with the Emerson College Police Department, George Noonan was fired from his position as Director of Public Safety this morning.

Noonan said he received an email from the college stating that he was dismissed, but declined to comment on the reason for the termination as he intends to take Emerson College to court.

Vice President of Public Affairs Andrew Tiedemann sent a brief email to students alerting them of the situation at 12:55 p.m. this afternoon.

“George Noonan is no longer the Director of Public Safety for Emerson College. Scott Bornstein will handle the director’s duties in the immediate future,” read the email.

“It’s not the way you want to end a career,” said Noonan in a phone interview with the Beacon. “It is not fair, it took the spirit out of me a little bit.”

Tiedemann could not provide further information, and said the college does not discuss personnel matters.

Noonan said the conflict is strictly an administration based issue, and no students were involved.

After reading the email from Tiedemann, many Emerson students turned to Twitter to discuss the situation, making “George Noonan” a trending topic for the city of Boston.

The tweets ranged from pleas for more information, to jokes about email etiquette, to Noonan himself.

“Really upset because George Noonan was my biggest Emerson crush,” tweeted @1407suitetweet.

The hashtag, #NoonanSecrets, provided a place for a comical Emerson twist on the situation.

“George Noonan didn’t get into the LA program #noonansecrets,” wrote @hnmurakami.  

Noonan said he is trying to remain positive about the issue and is focusing on his good health and family life.

“I went to the doctor today, I was all healthy,” said Noonan. “Except for the knife in my back.”

Noonan said he believes Bornstein, who is currently deputy director of public safety, is suited for the position.

“It is well deserved,” said Noonan. “He’s been there for 22 years.”

Heidi Moeller, Beacon Staff, contributed to this report.