Documentary on campus sexual assault features former Emerson student

A new documentary about sexual assault on college campuses includes a short interview with a former Emerson student.

The film, The Hunting Ground, premiered in January and primarily follows two young activists in their journey from starting college to mounting a national campaign that aims to improve the way universities respond to sexual assault.

In a section of the movie about Greek life, former Emerson student Sarah Tedesco briefly appears in a montage with several other young women who describe being assaulted at fraternity events.

Tedesco declined to comment about her involvement in the film. Representatives for The Hunting Ground did not respond to several requests for comment.

In 2012, Tedesco filed a federal civil rights complaint against Emerson, alleging the college mishandled her rape case and violated Title IX, the federal gender equity law. Since then, the Department of Education has started investigating Emerson, placing the college among over 100 higher education institutions being examined.

Later, as The Hunting Ground discusses these federal investigations, an animated version of Emerson’s logo appears in a sequence of other college insignias.

The film is currently only screening in a few locations nationwide; in Boston, The Hunting Ground is playing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.