Don#039;t be SAD, get glad

Valentine’s Day getting you down in the dumps? It may be more than just longing for a special someone. Becoming unusually depressed during a particular time of the year is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a condition that leaves sufferers feeling moody, unhappy and fatigued. Whether you’re feeling slightly dejected, or legitimately depressed, here are a few proven techniques from the BBC to lift your spirits for the remainder of the winter.

b1. Light./b Special light therapy boxes that simulate natural light. Many patients who have used them reported feeling happier and more energetic after therapy.

b2. Exercise./b Any kind of exercise increases endorphins, which lends to a person’s overall happiness.

b3. Counseling./b Therapy alleviates the burden of depression. Therapists can provide information and strategies for remaining positive.

b4. Rest./b Exercise and fresh air are wonderful recommendations for those feeling blue, but relaxation must play a part too.

Anyone, whether suffering from SAD or not, can benefit from these tips. Soaking up what there is of the sun, staying warm, active, and healthy, and letting go of anxieties combats the effects of dreary weather.