Dressed to profess


In many professors’ offices around campus, bookshelves filled with Milton, Fanon, and Faust line the walls. In Brad Verter’s office in the Walker Building, a clothing rack houses an abundance of colorful, patterned ties and sports jackets in fabrics like tweed and wool.

At Emerson, personal style is common among students and professors alike. When it comes to menswear, our teachers bring classic pieces inspired by fashionable and trendy decades like the 1960s.

Eric Hofbauer cites American jazz icon Miles Davis as his style inspiration. Round framed glasses in a tortoise shell pattern are favored by Robert Dulgarian, and Raymond Liddell is always dapper in a bowtie.

Vintage has a special meaning for Dulgarian, who often wears pieces he inherited from his father. Liddell wears cufflinks he was given as a gift; they resemble ancient coins.

Whether it’s Verter’s duck tie, saved for rainy days, or Hofbauer’s affinity for Buffalo brand jeans, the overall effect is undeniable—these profs each have a swagger in their step as they postulate to a classroom of bright young minds.