This awards season is rife with excellent films that had even the most highbrow of film students saying, “Yeah, fine. George Clooney is a really great actor. Whatever.” Those films also brought equally beautiful style inspiration. Here’s how you can get inspired from some of the cinematic ventures of 2011:

The Artist: Ladies, instead of being inspired by Bérénice Bejo’s character in this silent film, take note from Jean Dujardin’s character, George Valentin. I’ve always loved a woman in a suit, but this look is a bit more dapper than Annie Hall. Go for fitted trousers (wool for winter), a tailored blazer, and a crisp white button down (EmersonMade.com has a wide selection) with one extra button undone. You can also don a plain white T-shirt, paired with a leather detachable collar (Etsy and Topshop both have great options).

The Descendants: The only thing I enjoyed more than Shailene Woodley’s crying-in-the-pool scene is how darn idyllic this film made Hawaii look. However, taking inspiration from a tribal setting while living in Boston can be tricky, and I’m not about to suggest that you go hit up the nearest Tommy Bahama. For ladies, look for muted neons — ultra-brights feel too harsh in the drab winter. Use these shades on typical winter pieces, like a chunky knit sweater in a muted flamingo pink or lime green. For boys, you want a relaxed look, but without taking the Jimmy Buffett route. Instead, pair an untucked, casual button-down with worn leather loafers and super broken-in jeans.

The Help: Hilly Holbrook is the villain of this film, but that doesn’t tarnish her southern princess style. ModCloth.com has the best vintage-inspired dresses at a much more reasonable price. If you do want to wear real vintage than check out Second Time Around on Newbury Street. Their clothing is organized by color, so you can easily find a cotton-candy pink dress that Hilly would undeniably be jealous of. The key is shape — choose A-line silhouettes for the perfect prim and proper proportions.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Unfortunately, no style tips I shell out can help you get Rooney Mara’s cheekbones. But you can find Lisbeth Salander-inspired items. Real leather leggings are expensive — also, rude to animals—instead, try faux-leather leggings (Urban Outfitters’ are surprisingly good quality). A leather jacket is too obvious, so opt for a leather vest, paired over your favorite long sleeve tee in black, gray, or army green. Guys can take inspiration from Daniel Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist with classic menswear. If high-end pieces — a day suit, leather loafers, a tailored coat  —  are out of your budget, head to Newbury Street and scour the sales racks. If your size has been picked over, check out TopShop Man (available at topman.com) for an affordable and stylish alternative. 

King is a junior writing, literature, and publishing major and a Beacon columnist. She can be reached at michelle[email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @michellelynking.