strongMichelle King, Beacon Columnist/strong

Getting inspiration from television shows ain’t exactly new. We all remember when emGossip Girl/em launched circa 2008, and every girl rocked a bowed headband in the name of “high fashion.” The Mad Men trend went so far that Banana Republic designed an entire line inspired by Don Draper and company. This fall, however, brings a new crop of television shows and some style inspiration that makes the trends of television past seem as played out as emGossip Girl’s/em plotlines.

emNew Girl/emstrong:/strong Dressing with a dash of emNew Girl /emis all about the proper implementation of the twee aesthetic. When wearing this look, it’s important to figure out a way to look “whimsical,” rather than “fourth grade picture day.” Pair printed tights with a vintage-inspired dress from ModCloth.com, an online retailer known for taking vintage dresses and remaking them at Forever 21 prices, (instead of the $85 you’d pay at a vintage store). Look for a dress with a Peter Pan collar and keep the accessories minimal. Bold gold studded earrings, a delicate leather watch, and simple ballet flats are all you need for this look. Keep the outfit from being too cutesie by wearing darker colors, rather than pastels. In New Girl, Jess wears thick rimmed glasses. If you don’t already own a pair, check out WarbyParker.com. All of their frames are $95, including prescription and shipping. Keep in mind, Warby Parker makes stylish glasses for those of who actually need them. If your vision is perfect, just say no to the faux frames. Seriously — walk away from the Urban Outfitters counter.

emThe Playboy Club/emstrong:/strong Though the show may be cancelled, this is the trickiest television costume to turn into an outfit. Sure, I could suggest you show up to your 10 a.m. wearing a silk bunny costume, but you would probably get some strange looks, even at Emerson. Instead, use this as inspiration for your night out. Rather than take a cue from the (scantily clad) ladies of emThe Playboy Club/em, get inspiration from men. Smoker flats are on trend for fall. Pair burgundy velvet flats with cropped pants and a button-down silk blouse with an extra-button undone for added va-va-voom. Trade in your PBR for a whisky on the rocks for the full effect. Just kidding. Kind of. Men, you can do the same — smoker flats with an ankle-length pant are always eye-catching. If velvet accents feel too posh for you, pair chinos with a maroon colored button-down and a pocket square. This fall is all about Ivy accents and, although emThe Playboy Club/em and the crimson hallowed halls of Harvard aren’t exactly the same thing, their general aesthetic is the same.

emHow to Be a Gentleman/emstrong:/strong Boys, this one is for you. Actually, I take this back. Boys, this one is not for you at all. You can continue wearing basketball shorts and your spirit shirt from sophomore year of high school. Gentlemen, this is for you. This is all about looking pulled together, preppy, and classic. Of course, you also don’t want to look like your dad dressed you. Pair dark denim jeans with an argyle sweater. To keep the look from being too stiff, wear a white tee (rather than a button-up) underneath. Leather shoes are a must. Keep the Converse All-Stars in middle school.

emMichelle King is a junior writing, literature, and publishing major, co-editor-in-chief of em Magazine, and Beacon/em emcolumnist. She can be reached at [email protected] /em