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Editorial Board: Claire Rodenbush is the outside change SGA needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated every facet of life at Emerson College, making the Student Government Association’s spring election more important than ever. The actions of the next executive president will determine the course for an organization that has completely

The Berkeley Beacon shuts down after 73 years

We are pained to announce that The Berkeley Beacon, the college’s only student newspaper, plans to shutter operations effective Wednesday at 10  p.m. after more than 73 years of serving the Emerson community.  After necessary funding was denied, we concluded

Continuing campus news coverage amid a global pandemic

It’s been a hectic week, to say the least. There are 197 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts as of Monday, according to public health officials. The college made the decision Friday to ask students to leave residence halls at

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic deserve transparency

College officials announced Tuesday that the school will transition to classes online for the rest of the semester due to the global spread of COVID-19. Emerson is among a list of local colleges including Northeastern University, Harvard University, and Suffolk

Prioritize student safety amid COVID-19 concerns

Kasteel Well officials announced on Feb. 24 that they canceled their planned four-day mandatory academic excursion to Milan, Italy, and barred students from traveling outside the Netherlands until March 15 out of concern for the recent spread of COVID-19 in

We support staff members joining the union

This is an important year for the Emerson College Staff Union. The group plans to start renegotiating their contract with the school next spring. They held a meet-and-greet event on Feb. 14 at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery to talk


Accountability, not agendas

On their last show of 2019, The New York Times’ podcast The Daily welcomed their very own Executive Editor Dean Baquet into the studio for an episode titled “The Lessons of 2016.” In this episode, Baquet goes back and forth

The time to take hate speech seriously is now

College officials reported Wednesday that four swastikas were marked in a Piano Row stairwell overnight. An email sent by President M. Lee Pelton said the incident is under investigation and the offenders are unknown. In consulting with officials from different

Vacancies on the SGA ballot should not be the norm

As Emerson continues to expand its academics and its campus, the Student Government Association functions as a vital pipeline among students, the administration, and the Board of Trustees. The organization oversees the student activities fund, charges itself with protecting the

Respect the Marlboro community by maintaining communication

This Wednesday, President M. Lee Pelton set foot in Marlboro College for the first time since announcing the Marlboro-Emerson merger. Emerson plans to absorb Marlboro’s endowment and welcome any interested students to our Boston campus next year. During the weekly

Students deserve a stress-free registration process

This Monday, the registrar’s office shut down class registration for students with 92 or more credits following a technical issue. According to an email from the registrar, Banner, the new college’s new registration software, had technical requirements that made the

On-campus media deserve financial independence from student governments

When The Beacon’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Van Buskirk stepped before the Student Government Association last week to present an amendment, he cited the Constitution’s first amendment in his argument for a free and independent press—a vital component of democracy. In our opinion,

Hold university administrations accountable this application season

In March, the Federal Bureau of Investigations exposed over a dozen celebrities who bought their children’s acceptance into the country’s most prestigious colleges. With the help of college counseling coach William “Rick” Singer, actresses and business leaders paid a well-connected group

Title IX hiring process failed to involve students enough

The two-year vacancy in the Title IX office is finally being filled. But the hiring process for the Deputy Title IX Coordinator has brought its own shortcomings.   The position has remained vacant since January 2018. In the meantime, the college

Separate the college’s policies on CBD and THC

On Saturday, The Beacon reported that a group of college administrators are “discussing and finalizing policies” regarding the on-campus usage of CBD, a natural compound in cannabis. A group of college officials, including the deans of campus life and interim

Respect college employees with improved communication

Over the summer, the college switched their employment software from their old system, People Admin, to a new software called Workday. In the process of implementing this new system, many students employees and faculty members did not receive their pay

Students deserve transparent sexual assault statistics

On Wednesday, the college disseminated its annual Clery Report through a campus-wide email. The 57-page-long report details both the criminal offenses brought forth on all three Emerson campuses in the past three years and the school’s safety-related policies and crime

Abolishing admission fees could hurt student organizations

Editor’s Note: Editor-in-chief Chris Van Buskirk did not contribute to or edit this editorial due to a conflict of interest.  At the Student Government Association’s Financial Advisory Board meeting on Sept. 12, Executive Treasurer Abby Semple proposed a rule that

Maintaining student activism surrounding Title IX

Emerson College has a long, complicated—and, at times, bleak—history with incidents of sexual misconduct and Title IX, the federal civil rights law that regulates gender-based discrimination and harassment in universities across the country.  In 2013, two students filed a federal

Editorial: Leaving our past in the Piano Row basement

At Issue: A moment of self-reflection before we relocate Our Take: There’s still work to be done Starting this fall, the Beacon will occupy a new office at 172 Tremont St. With this transition, we hope to take our strengths

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