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Editorial: College becomes increasingly inaccessible to students

At issue: College announces 4 percent tuition increase Our take: Prioritize students’ financial security over investments A college-wide email from President M. Lee Pelton on March 21 announced a 4 percent increase in tuition for the upcoming 2019–20 academic year

EDITORIAL: Pronouns are not up for interpretation

At Issue: Lack of pronoun procedures in classrooms Our take: Professors should be required to ask for preferred pronouns Emerson prides itself on creating an accepting atmosphere for individuals. On campus, we have gender-neutral bathrooms and even staff in place to

EDITORIAL: Valentine’s Day is about more than romance

At Issue: The impact of Valentine’s Day in college Our Take: Show love to everyone in your life As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we should remind ourselves of the importance of compassion in a world flooded with partisan disdain and other

EDITORIAL: Creating a supportive environment for student groups

At Issue: Competing on-campus organizations Our Take: We’re all in this together The college’s focus on arts and communication calls for students to have extensive, hands-on experiences in their field, whether through journalism, performing arts, marketing communication, or other tracks.

EDITORIAL: Upholding the importance of print

At Issue: The livelihood of our print edition Our Take: Our print edition is a learning tool Over winter break, the publishing company that prints our weekly edition closed down their printing services. With the first issue scheduled for publication

EDITORIAL: What we’ve accomplished and what we can improve

At issue: Our fall 2018 semester Our take: We’re proud of our advancements, and we strive to do better. Last semester, we tried something new. For the first time,The Berkeley Beacon restructured from weekly print editions to a digital-first, daily

EDITORIAL: Raise your awareness and lower your voice

At issue: The lack of library etiquette Our take: Please use your inside voices As due dates for papers, projects, and tests for finals loom, it seems like the entire student body will be occupying the library. It’s a stressful

EDITORIAL: Taking advantage of your student voice

At issue: Student portion of the climate survey Our take: The survey is an outlet for student expression Voicing our opinions about Emerson with our friends, on social media, and in classes may feel cathartic, but they’re likely not passed on to

EDITORIAL: Let’s have our backs when others don’t

  At issue: Supporting other student organizations Our take: All of our work deserves recognition One day after a contentious midterm election, President Donald Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta debated a migrant caravan at a press conference. After Acosta

EDITORIAL: Be woke, especially when you vote

At issue: The approaching midterm election Our take: Educate yourselves—then vote   Despite our activist culture, most Emerson students did not turn out at the polls during the last midterm election. In 2014, approximately 1 out of 10 eligible Emerson

EDITORIAL: Supporting students’ athletic endeavors

At issue: Recognizing student athletes’ dedication. Our take: We’re all in this together. Last Saturday, the women’s soccer team earned a spot in the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference playoffs. Since the Lions joined the conference five years ago,

EDITORIAL: Making changes before the climate does

At issue: Student engagement with sustainability Our take: We must do more Over a week ago, the New York Times detailed a seemingly apocalyptic future, with worsening food shortage, rampant poverty, and intensified natural disasters. The article cites a report by

EDITORIAL: When ‘the best course of action’ isn’t enough

At issue: Vacant Title IX lead investigator position Our take: Refusal to communicate renders ambiguity The Office of Title IX Equity and Access still does not have a lead investigator after an eight-month search, and the office took down the job

EDITORIAL: Not just speaking out, but showing up

At issue: Organizing a rapid response to overwhelming events. Our take: Let’s maintain this momentum. Last Thursday, the nation watched as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Viewing the hearing

EDITORIAL: Leave news to the newspaper, not administration

At issue: Emerson College Today updates mission Our take: Announcements and news should be separate Emerson’s communication and marketing department is revamping Emerson College Today. Now a separate site, Emerson College Today aims to provide information regarding the school for students, faculty,

EDITORIAL: Emerson’s plastic straw conundrum

At issue: Emerson revamps its image. Our take: Change doesn’t always mean progress. On July 9, 2018, Starbucks announced the company will slowly faze out single-use, plastic straws in favor of lids or alternative-material straws to reduce pollution. Starbucks enacted this even

EDITORIAL: Moving forward one issue at a time

At issue: Editorials are our perspective of campus news. Our take: Give us a chance, we’re students too. A new semester means a new editorial board. This year we’re proud to announce that our board is demographically diverse and consists

EDITORIAL: Spot the ethical dilemma in our funding

At issue: SGA has overseen the Beacon’s budget since 2011 Our take: For us to progress, we need our funding guaranteed Today, college newspapers across the country ran editorials under the hashtag #SaveStudentNewsrooms. Spearheaded by the Independent Florida Alligator, student

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