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EDITORIAL: Don’t ask students to fund scholarships

At issue: An SGA-funded scholarship for student leaders Our take: Let’s focus on the scholarships our student body demanded The college tells us our Student Services fee, an $800 annual charge, is for funding resources for all undergraduates to use.

EDITORIAL: Scrub the binary from our bathroom doors

At issue: Too many years, too few gender neutral bathroom signs Our take: Don’t work in increments, fix this now Two years ago, Emerson installed ten gender-inclusive bathroom signs across campus—then for two years, nothing else changed. Now, after pressure

Editorial: An exercise in broken trust

At issue: Changes to Emerson’s Title IX policy Our take: Why are we spinning our wheels? Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), reporting sexual assault and harassment at Emerson is an onerous and ongoing process. The sexual misconduct policy and process is dense

Trending resignations mar SGA’s professionalism

At issue:  Two more members of Emerson’s student government resign. Our take:  Everybody multitasks.  _______________________ In the pages of last week’s Beacon, this editorial board called for a firmer demonstration of commitment and accountability among our Student Government Association representatives.

SGA resignations reveal indifference to public service

At issue: Yet another premature departure from SGA Our take: SGA is not a hobby; serve your whole term. On a daily basis, Emerson students strive to juggle it all, and inevitably fall short on occasion. Yet through careful prioritization,

No Strain Here

Well, here we are, one semester past—along with everyone’s marks. There were only a couple of worryin’ wonders at the half and they seem to have worried the wondering professors into a passing grade. While the Freshman Theatre Workshop is

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