Elizabeth Ostebo

Elizabeth Ostebo isn’t eye-catching in the “I have a pink Mohawk” sense, but she grabs attention with the mischievous glint in her expression and her long brown hair that swishes as she walks. Though her strong opinions sometimes have to be wrestled out of her, they are passionate and irrefutably logical. Fluctuating between her bi-cultural and bi-lingual heritage (Columbian and Norwegian), she is an adapter who travels frequently, blending into new environments like a native—scarcely ever needing a map. She paints very well, with a keen eye for perspective and shading. But the coolest part about Elizabeth is the quality and breadth of her friendship. She’s constantly looking out for me when I need it (even when I don’t think I do), she does my dishes when I’m not looking, she brings me down to earth when I get stressed, she remembers my birthday, and she knows how to put up with me when I’m in a bad mood. Elizabeth is cool from the moment you see her, but stupendous once you get to know her.

-Tierra Bonser