Emailed death threats to Harvard students retracted

Emailed death threats against hundreds of past and current Harvard University students of Asian descent have been retracted by their alleged author, according to the Boston Globe. In the latest email, the author claims to be a young, French girl who had no part in the writing of the emails, stating that it was her brother sent out the violent emails from her account, the Globe reported. These last, apologetic emails were sent out at around 5 p.m. on Saturday.

The Boston Globe reports that events around campus, particularly any events that focused on Asian-American and Pacific Islander concerns, were cancelled or postponed due to the threat, including an organized discussion regarding life at Harvard as an Asian-American.

Officials initially heightened security in light of the threats, the Globe wrote, though it is not believed that the threats are credible. Campus police released an advisory online that stated that the threat did indeed appear to have originated abroad, and that it did not appear to be a concern.

Students are shaken after the racially charged attack against one of their own, according to the Globe. The email threatened to kill every Harvard student on campus, though the email including primarily men and women with Asian surnames and included racial slurs toward Asian Americans.