Emerson alumna wins contest, covers Super Bowl


When Cassidy Brettler went to the Super Bowl last year, she did so with the help of Verizon, and took her Flip cam wherever she was permitted, making videos for her YouTube channel.
This year, working for Motorola, Brettler will be back at the Super Bowl, but in a much grander capacity.
Following a nationwide search to choose one reporter for the Ochocinco News Network (OCNN) sponsored by Motorola as it covers Super Bowl XLVI, Brettler, who graduated from Emerson last May, was chosen as the winner.
“Apparently cell phones and the Super Bowl go hand-in-hand,” Brettler said in a phone interview.
The Emerson alumna, who graduated with dual degrees in broadcast journalism and acting found out about the contest through her alma mater.
“One of my teachers told me about the contest and basically said, ‘you have to win this,’” Brettler said. The professor was David Gerzof Richard, who teaches the social media and marketing class at Emerson. Last semester, he united his class with Chad Ochocinco for a dinner date.
“I was in the class last spring, and begged [Gerzof Richard] to come,” Brettler said.
Brettler included the recent meeting with Ochocinco in her submission video for his contest. The video—which Brettler said had to be 30 seconds or less — was filmed the day before the due date. Brettler said she thought it was a great opportunity but never imagined winning.
“Last year was amazing, I never thought that anything would be cooler … until now,” she said.
Brettler was given the chance to go to Super Bowl XLV in 2011 when her father, who works for a company that sells phones to Verizon, was given two tickets to the game. Brettler used one of those tickets and limited Verizon access to make videos for her YouTube channel, CQBrett, which had 482 subscribers and 76,345 video views as of print time.
“When [Motorola] called me to tell me I won they said, ‘We think you’re the whole package. We really love your involvement in social media,’” Brettler said. Her Twitter handle, @CassidyQuinn, had 2,055 followers as of last night.  
“The appointment of Brettler marks the first time a non-NFL player will report on behalf of OCNN to provide coverage,” said the press release sent out after the contest was over.  
The OCNN is the first player-driven, social-media based news organization, according to the same press release. Brettler will attend various press events throughout the week with Jacksonville Jaguars runningback Maurice Jones-Drew and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Ochocinco himself attended media events at last year’s Super Bowl.
“We’re very excited to have Cassidy join our team in Indy,” said Ochocinco in the press release. “Not only does she bring tremendous enthusiasm to the table, but she’s got all kinds of social media and reporting experience. She’s going to do great!”
Since graduating last May, Brettler has taken over the social media operations for Boloco, maintaining the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and starting its own YouTube channel.
“Clearly I like YouTube,” she said. “You wouldn’t think that [the job] would take 10 hours a day, but I take time to do social media for them, and eat some burritos along the way.”
In preparation for Super Bowl week, Brettler said she’s been hitting the gym to get in “Super Bowl shape,” and has been preparing questions to ask on media day. Last year, it was Ochocinco himself who grabbed headlines when he asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell about the impending labor discussions. But Brettler said she hopes to bring her quirky girlyness, and to keep her questions more lighthearted.
“I want to ask Brady about what he does with his other rings,” Brettler said. “Does Giselle wear one around her neck? Does he sit around and watch football and wear three rings?”