Emerson grad dies after concert

Dominic Mallary, a 24-year-old graduate of Emerson College died Dec. 5 at Boston Medical Center after an accident during a performance at Boston University, said Sgt. Jeffery Burke of the Boston University Police Department. Mallary graduated in 2007, according to Boston University’s iDaily Free Press/i.

Mallary, originally of Berlin, Mass., was singing at a concert Dec. 4 at the George Sherman Union when he coiled the microphone cord around his neck, according to information published in iThe Boston Globe/i.

iThe Globe/i reported the pressure from the cord caused a clot in Mallary’s jugular vein that eventually cut off the oxygen flow to his brain.

Mallary was playing in his punk-rock band, Last Lights, the night of the incident. Burke said no other similar incidents occurred on campus.

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