Emerson kids nab, ransom Suffolk mascot

iThe Suffolk Journal/i reported on April 1 that an Emerson College terrorist group, calling itself The Tightpants Underground, kidnapped the Suffolk University mascot, Rammy the Ram, from campus grounds after a pep rally on March 31.

“It’s just awful. Rammy is a symbol of our school and I can’t believe someone would steal that from us,” said Ben Paulin, editor-in-chief of iThe Journal/i. “I hope our school complies with the Tightpants’ demands. I can’t live without Rammy in my life.”

The Tightpants demanded a $2.8 million ransom in unmarked bills, coincidentally the same amount that Suffolk President David Sargent earns annually.

The Tightpants demanded the money on “the Boylston side of [Boston] Common, no cops … and Suffolk must cease and desist all expansion plans in the Downtown Crossing area (especially the Theatre District),” according to the report printed in iThe Journal/i.

The Tightpants could not immediately be reached for comment. Authorities are investigating and have not decided if they are going to comply with the group’s demands, according to iThe Journal/i.