Emerson LA Center wins architecture award

With its walls of windows and distinctive design, Emerson Los Angeles was named a “presidential honoree” by the American Institute of Architects, according to recent press release from the center’s structural design firm.

Emerson was given the honor, called the “The Building Team Award,” because of its influence on Los Angeles and its advanced architecture.

The 10-story building’s structural design was engineered by John A. Martin & Associates, operates as an academic and residential facility. It is one of six collaborative pieces between this firm and Morphosis, a renowned architecture company that led ELA’s design, according to the press release.

“We are so fortunate to have a great working relationship with Morphosis,” Kurt Clandening, structural engineering principal-in-charge, wrote in a statement. “Their creative design concepts allow us to execute new and innovative structural design solutions in concert with their vision.”

The press release said the building was designed to be a “significant addition to the Hollywood skyline.” The structure was built using reinforced concrete slabs, steel beams and columns, according to the press release.