Emerson Public Relations and Advertising Rated 3rd best

U.S. News and World Report ranked the marketing communication department third best for studying public relations and advertising, behind Bradley University in Illinois, and Clarke College in Iowa.

Donald Hurwitz, interim chair of the marketing communication department, said he plans to maintain the program’s ratings by revamping the curriculum next year to focus on online marketing.

“We know we are strong and well-regarded in the field,” Hurwitz said in an e-mail to the Beacon. “We intend to jump to the head of the pack with the innovations in our curriculum, something long overdue in the field at large.”

Hurwitz said the updated program syllabus, which goes into effect next year, will shift to data-driven marketing, zeroing in on creating a social media personality and topping Google search results.

Sam Currie, a marketing major, said he chose to study at Emerson because the existing program readies students for a real workplace.

“It helps you prepare for your career from the moment you walk in,” the sophomore said.

Hurwitz said about 465 students major in marketing communication, with an additional 435 minors and graduate students in the program. Hurowitz also noted that the number of students applying to the program is continuing to increase.