Emerson ranked #1 for journalism

Emerson was recently named best overall journalism bachelor’s program of the year in a list published by USA Today.

The publication worked with College Factual, a company that analyzes statistics about higher education, to create the rankings. The list was based on collected data including highest paid graduates, best value, and most focused majors, according to their website.

Emerson ranked higher than journalism programs at Northwestern University, Boston University, and the University of Southern California.

Paul Niwa, interim chair of the journalism department, said the college isn’t driven by ratings.

He said Emerson’s program is special because of great alumni connections, a faculty that keeps the future in mind, and overarching strength of the college.

“It’s nice to be recognized among these great programs,” Niwa said.

Madison Crichton, a junior journalism major, said that she can understand how Emerson got to the top of the list, since the program is so intensive.

“The second you get here, they don’t mess around,” Crichton said. “You’re out reporting freshman year.”