Emerson ranked for highest cost of living

Emerson was named seventh on U.S. News’ list of colleges with the most expensive room and board fees.

The average room and board cost is $15,096 a year at the college, according to Emerson’s website. New School, first on the list, has an average room and board cost of $18,190. Tenth on the list, Smith College, averages at $14,950.

Kylie Federici, a sophomore visual and media arts student, said she thought the Emerson living and dining situation was average.

“I didn’t know the price was that high,” said Federici. “The dorms could be better for the price we pay.”

Lloyd Mallison, a sophomore journalism major, had issues with the lack of accessibility, variety, and quality of the dining facilities at the college.

“The food should be a million times better,” said Mallison.

But Ellen Rothfuss, a sophomore communication disorders major, said the price makes sense for Emerson’s downtown location. Last year, when she lived in the Little Building, Rothfuss said that her view of Boston Common was beautiful.

“I wouldn’t have been able to afford a view like that if I wasn’t living on campus,” said Rothfuss.

The article said that the Boston area is among the most expensive places to live in the country, along with New York City and major cities in California.