Endorsing Mitt Romney


Elections are upon us, and in a race experts say is too close to call, every vote counts. Well, they do in Florida and Ohio anyway. 

In a state that historically votes deep blue, and where a recent Suffolk University poll shows President Obama with a 32-point lead over Mitt Romney, it almost seems pointless for me to tell voters registered in Mass. why they should vote for Governor Romney on Nov. 6. But with less than a week until Election Day, you never know what’ll happen, so I might as well try.

America needs a drastic change in its trajectory. We’re still in a recession, and any gains made are nullified by equal, or greater, losses. President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half soon after he took office following a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit.” He hasn’t met that pledge; in fact, the deficit has remained stable at an unsettling $1.2 trillion mark during his presidency. While you can’t really hold that big promise against him, when it came down to it, he didn’t really have the background or expertise to back it up. But Mitt Romney does.

To be clear, Romney hasn’t made such a far-fetched promise, but he has said he aims to reduce the deficit, and he has the background to support those claims. During his time at Bain Capital, Romney was responsible for building up powerhouse companies such as Staples, Domino’s Pizza, and Sports Authority. According to The Wall Street Journal, Bain recorded 50 percent to 80 percent annual gains with Romney at its helm, some of the best in that time period. This is a man who knows how to run a business, who knows how to balance a budget and generate profits, and that’s what our country needs. In this age of record deficits, outrageous debt to GDP ratios, and congresses running for three years now without a budget, we need a president who can turn America around financially, and start the repairs our country so desperately requires.

For those naysayers who think the private sector has nothing to do with government, take a look at Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts. Taking office during a time of economic unbalance for the state, when the dot-com bubble burst cost Massachusetts more than 200,000 jobs and generated a $3 billion shortfall, Romney still managed to close the budget deficit. He took a state with negative job growth and made it positive. He lowered the unemployment rate and reformed health care within Mass. to fit the state’s individual needs, to produce the lowest percentage of uninsured people in the country, and all with a Democratic legislature.

This is the man we need in the White House, and by we, I especially mean students. There are issues we face everyday: rising tuition costs, a pessimistic job-market, and an economy that’s current course is promising to make us the first generation to be less well off than our parents.  Romney’s fiscal policies can alleviate these problems. When the economy improves and jobs are being created, that means we might actually get a job out of college. When the economy does better, so will we, hopefully being able to pay off our student loans. Romney’s plan will lower rising tuition costs by spurring competition in the private sector. What has Obama done? Dumped a flood of federal dollars into the system — a solution that hasn’t helped as evidenced by the 25 percent rise in cost of college education under his presidency, and the average debt burden for an undergrad reaching an all time high of $25,000.

I’m not asking for half of Massachusetts to have a revelation. I simply urge students to vote for a candidate who they think has the chops to fix the economy, an issue that affects every single American — from us students all the way to seniors. Someday, I’d like to have a job that allows me to pay off my college loans and possibly even afford a decent house and an affordable car to get to work, and that’s why I’m voting for Mitt Romney. I’m voting for the candidate whom I feel can turn this country around, and who’s got the resume to prove it.