EVVYs change format

In a Nov. 13 meeting, standing before a projection screen which read “The Big Reveal,” the executive producers of this year’s EVVY Awards unveiled the new format for this year’s show.

The show will be split into two separate presentations. The first will be a dinner show, held in the three ballrooms of the Courtyard Marriot. This show will recognize the winners of awards in the fields of Photography, Writing, Journalism, and Marketing and Advertising.

This change, the producers explained, is designed to reflect the format professionals in those industries generally choose to recognize achievement. The date of this show has not been decided, but Duffy said it will take place around the time of final exams. The second show, to be held on May 16, will follow the traditional EVVY Awards format.

It will be held in the Cutler Majestic Theater, and will feature the awards for film/television, performance and theatre.

Katie Duffy, one of three executive producers of this year’s show, said the new two-show format was expected to be a challenge, but one the group is excited for.

“We’re always trying to raise the bar,” Duffy said. “This just presents us with a new format and a new challenge.”

At the meeting, co-executive producers Jeff Foster, MaryAlice Aymong and Katie Duffy also announced that this year the awards submission process would take place entirely online. Students can begin to submit work for consideration on Dec. 15.

The EVVY Awards began in 1981. Produced by Emerson Independent Video, the show is modeled after shows like the Emmys and Academy Awards, and are a forum for the Emerson community to recognize the achievements of students, alumni and industry professionals in communications and the arts.