Fashion and lifestyle magazine granted appeal money for printing

On Tuesday, em Magazine, a biannual fashion and lifestyle publication, received $6,010.54 in an appeal from the Student Government Association to cover printing costs for its spring issue. 

The total cost from Shawmut Printing for the spring edition is $7,832, according to the appeal packet. The magazine will pay for the remaining $1,821.46 with the rest of its SGA-furnished budget.

 Allison Singer, the class of 2015 senator, spoke against the appeal.

 “I’m generally in favor of print production and being able to print more issues,” said the junior writing, literature, and publishing major. “But there’s no information about how the budget has been spent this year [in the appeal packet]” 

According to the organization’s appeal packet, em Magazine has spent $11,143.54 to date, of its SGA funds of $12,965. Junior James Emmerman, president of em Magazine, said during the appeal that $10,903 was spent on printing costs for the fall issue, while the rest, $240, was spent on other production costs, like props and transportation. 

Daniel Goldberg, the class of 2017 president, spoke in favor of the appeal.

 “As someone who is not normally interested in photography or fashion, I believe for the beautiful magazine you guys put together, it seems like the price that you’re asking for is reasonable,” said the freshman visual and media arts major, referring to the fall 2013 issue that Emmerman brought and distributed to SGA members.  

The physical dimensions of the magazine increased for the fall issue, so there were fewer pages printed to balance out the cost, according to the packet.

em Magazine is fundraising for additional costs through taking headshots, California Pizza Kitchen donation events, and a showcase of student photography to be held this semester, according to the packet.

 The appeal passed with one nay from Singer.

There is $24,571 left in the appeals budget.