Fashion Column: Editor-in-Chic

Fall is objectively the perfect season meaning it’s the easiest to dress for. When summer hits, you’re left wondering on a scale of one to getting-kicked-out-of-this-restaurant how acceptable it is to wear a bikini in public. In winter you begin formulating an argument for why Uggs are acceptable shoes. Fall’s crisp air allows you to channel the pages of Vogue without sweating bullets or shivering. Here are three trends that are appropriate for class or house parties.

Sheer blouse: The sheer blouse can have you looking polished or like a reject from a Christina Aguilera video — there’s no in-between. For the classier look, pick a blouse with pleats in front, keep it minimally sheer, not is-she-even-wearing -a-shirt sheer. Keep in mind that black, navy, or gray look best. White and nude are difficult to pull off and seem more see-through than darker shades. Tuck a dark sheer blouse in a pair of high-waisted jeans for an evening look or untucked over skinny jeans for a laid-back vibe. This trend might seem limited in its wearability (and who wants to spend money on an item you can only wear once?), it’s actually versatile when paired with classic accessories. Think posh pieces like nude or black pumps, a chunky gold watch, and simple stud earrings.

Leather skirts: A leather skirt is a classic piece that you can wear fall and fall again. Leather mini-skirts are Trashy 101, so look for classic silhouettes. Pencil and midi (a skirt in a full cut that hits just below the knee) leather skirts are popular in autumn months and the material gives a touch of edge to the conservative length. For a casual look, pair a pleated midi leather skirt with a bold sweater, tights, and ankle boots. Change it up at night with a leather pencil skirt, sheer tights, vintage t-shirt, and colorful cardigan. The pricing for a leather skirt ranges up to the thousands, but H&M and Zara create affordable versions for $35 to $50. Steer clear of Forever 21, the “leather” looks cheap, and for a little extra money, you can get a skirt that will last longer. As for color, black looks best when it’s high quality but consider dark brown or camel shades, these will still look luxe even if it’s a cheaper material. Stay away from colored leather, unless it’s Halloween.

Mustard colored hues: Remember when you played Clue and everyone fought over Colonel Mustard? Oh, that’s right! They didn’t, because mustard has forever been thought of as the ugliest color ever. Well, this fall, your second favorite condiment is getting a revamp. At Fall 2011 Fashion Week, designer Diane von Furstenberg proved that this hue can be a flattering neutral by using it as the base shade for her line. Pair this rich yellow with camel, chocolate, or jewel tones like emerald and purple. A mustard dress paired with a poppy sweater (a must have orange-red shade) proves fall doesn’t have to mean depressing. Mustard is also suitable for men. A button down in a mustard shade is casual and collegiate. If button downs aren’t your thing, try a mustard sweater (suede elbow or shoulder patches are suggested, but not required) with a simple black T-shirt. Leather accents (belts, watches, and lace-up shoes) tie it all together.