Fisher College building haunted, report says

The Fisher College brownstone located at 118 Beacon St. doesn’t need decorations to be considered a haunted house this Halloween, according to CBS Boston.  

There has allegedly been paranormal activity at the home, according to the CBS Boston report.

The concerns caused the institution to enlist the services of Jack Kenna, a paranormal investigator from SPIRITS of New England, according to the article.

CBS Boston’s Lana Jones reported that the building was once inhabited by Henry and Alice King, an affluent Boston couple, until they and one of their children died in the home. A wake was held there, and eerie noises and strange sightings have been reported ever since, according to Jones.

Kenna, in an interview with Jones after his investigation, not only determined the noises came from Alice King, but said the ghosts of the King family still occupy the Beacon Street home.