For students, Marlboro is a home away from home


By Jakob Menendez, Magazine Editor

The Berkeley Beacon interviewed students to learn what it means to live atop Potash Hill. Listen to their voices as they explain what it means to be a part of Marlboro College. Sally Fletcher, a junior at Marlboro College takes a break from her shift at Mocha Joe’s Cafe in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Lucy Johnston, a junior studying sculpture art and post colonial literature, in the dining hall at Marlboro.

Charlie Mahoney, a philosophy and politics major at Marlboro, in the dining hall for taco night.

Charlie Hickman, who studies dance, politics, and french, smokes a cigarette outside the dinner hall at Marlboro.

Anastasia Stevens, rests on the pool table in the student recreation center. At Marlboro the sophomore studies documentary film and science.

Hunter Corbett, a junior studying neurological mechanisms of parasitic infection, rests on a rail outside the dining hall.

Sullivan Segreto rests against the the mailboxes in the student recreation center. Segreto is an undecided sophomore at Marlboro.