Former student requests more time to refute lawsuit dismissal

A former student has requested more time to file an opposing response to Emerson’s motion to dismiss her lawsuit. 

On Oct. 9, the court approved a motion for enlargement of time that Jillian Doherty’s lawyer filed asking for an additional two weeks to respond. 

“Given the complexity of the issues raised in this claim and the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss, the additional two weeks will give the Plaintiff sufficient time to properly respond to the Defendants’ motion,” the motion states.

Two weeks ago, lawyers representing Emerson and four administrators moved to dismiss Doherty’s lawsuit, which alleges the defendants failed to properly prevent sexual assaults like hers and failed to handle her rape case appropriately after it was reported. The motion to dismiss denies Doherty’s legal accusations, claiming that Emerson did not violate Title IX, a gender equity law, or the Jeanne Clery Act, which requires the disclosure of campus crimes. Emerson also denies her claims of negligence, according to the motion to dismiss. 

A scheduling conference for the case was slated for Oct. 20 before it was postponed and later canceled until further notice.