Freshman sets Lions record

The two teams were in a heated battle, neck-and-neck all the way in a physical game that was forced into overtime.,During a tight contest against Westfield State College, Emerson women’s lacrosse player Katie Peters didn’t realize she was doing anything out of the ordinary.

The two teams were in a heated battle, neck-and-neck all the way in a physical game that was forced into overtime. But while the Lions eventually emerged victorious, Peters came out with an Emerson record.

The freshman scored 10 goals against Westfield State on March 19 during the 14-13 Lions win. The 10 points represented a new Emerson lacrosse mark, according to Coordinator of Athletics Operations Roger Crosley.

“I didn’t really know how many [goals] I had; it was a pretty intense game,” Peters said. “The most I’d ever scored before was about six.”

Peters said that part of the reason for her success during the game was her ability to see one step ahead of the Westfield State defense.

“I could read the defense really well,” she said. “I knew what they were thinking, and what I could do to get around them.”

Peters said she also spent an hour of practice shooting with Head Coach Mike Blanchard before the game, which helped her find a rhythm for the contest.

Peters has tallied 17 goals this season, helping Emerson to a 7-3 (1-0 in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference) start.

While she used to play as an attack wing at Acton-Boxborough High School in Acton, Mass., Peters plays midfield for the Lions. She said she has grown to enjoy being able to roam the field more freely as a midfielder.

“I like both offense and defense, but I used to be afraid of defense” Peters said. “There’s more pressure on you when you’re the one thing between the goalie and the [opponent’s] attacker. You have to make sure to protect the goalie as much as you can.”

The Acton native was exposed to lacrosse at an early age. Her father was the president of the Mass Bay Girl’s Lacrosse League, and both of her parents have worked as referees for the sport. Peters also has an older sister who spent two years playing at Bates College.

Peters’ experience began in sixth grade, when she participated in clinics and played in a league her parents helped organize.

Blanchard also worked on the board of directors of the MBGLL, and said he has known Peters for about five years.

“She’s just a hard worker; a focused, super kid,” Blanchard said. “She’s fast, has great endurance and a great shot.”

Despite knowing her prior to Peters’ arrival at Emerson, Blanchard said he had little influence on Peters’ decision to become a Lion.

“Like with all my recruits, Emerson has to be the right fit,” Blanchard said. “But she knew if she chose Emerson, good lacrosse would be there.”

As a digital post-production major, Peters said she was ultimately drawn to Emerson because of its strong film program. She was also considering attending New York University, but ultimately decided to stay in the Boston area.

“I really like the high-tech aspect of film,” she said. “I came here to learn how they do all that stuff in the movies, and I’m getting to learn it now.”

When she graduates, Peters said she would like to become involved in the animation, audio or video production of movies.

“I’m not big on screenwriting or directing,” she said. “I like the idea of taking raw footage and giving it that movie feel, making it quality.”

With her career still years away, Peters’ main focus now is the lacrosse field. Despite her early success, Peters said she still is getting used to playing at the college level, but that she’s becoming more comfortable with each game.

“There’s usually nerves before the game,” she said. “But you just visualize what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it. You do what you can to help your team win the game.”