Friday the 13th remake slashes audiences#039; faith in Jason films

Despite being a horror movie classic, Sean Cunningham’s 1980’s iFriday the 13th/i was panned by critics and deemed one of the worst pieces of cinema by most (in fact, Gene Siskel even referred to Cunningham as “one of the most despicable creatures ever to infest the movie business”). With such horrific critical review, it might seem that a remake of this would be an easy task.

Apparently not.

Sitting through executive producer Michael Bay and director Marcus Nispel’s attempt at breathing new life into Cunningham’s already campy original is hardly scary or enjoyable-rather it feels like getting a machete to the face.

My expectations were not high but I did get mild enjoyment from Nispel’s 2003 remake of iThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre/i.