Griffin rose above during flight delay

RE “Castle students stranded in Detroit hotels” (Page 1, Jan. 29): Your investigatory article was both insightful and emotional, however I feel there is much credit due where little or none has been given.

It is true that we were all very well aware of a probable cancellation several hours prior to boarding our plane in London. We students, however, were not the sole bearers of this knowledge. Although the Kasteel Well staff was unable to accompany us on our flight across the pond, there was a very responsible, hardworking man who was with us-even though we did not know it at the time. David Griffin, Emerson’s director of International Study and External Programs, should be commended for his management of the travel disruption en route from Europe.

David’s constant communication with parents (which we discovered upon later Wi-Fi access) was, in retrospect, essential to keeping our families informed. Throughout the entire incident, Griffin acted professionally and efficiently, showing his strong commitment to us students, our families, the program and Emerson College. Although I cannot speak for every stranded student in saying that my experience was more than comfortable, there was widespread consensus that incidents like weather cancellations are unpredictable.

It is very comforting to know that through it all, Griffin was performing his job above and beyond its description. I join many of my peers in sincere gratitude for David Griffin’s dedication. By the way, contrary to what was reported, we had to pay for our suite upgrade. It was worth every penny to spend one last night with my friends from Europe, even if it happened to be in Detroit.

i-Joel Buff


Radio major/i