Gym flooding, snow wreak havoc on volleyball schedule

Prior to its straight-set loss Tuesday against MIT, Emerson’s men’s volleyball team hadn’t seen in-game action for one week due to flooding in the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym and last Thursday’s snowstorm.  

The team has practiced on only half the court while the court is being repaired.

“It’s affected our practice a little bit,” said head coach Ben Read. “We’re not able to fully serve and run some drills, but we’ve been able to practice, get out on the court, and do most of what we need to be doing.” 

The court flooding forced the Lions to reschedule to play at Dean College last Thursday, but last week’s snowstorm forced the game to Mar. 2 at Dean. Sophomore Mark Piorkowski said the team does not know when it will be able to use the full court again.