High school intern at Public Safety

Blido, 15, is an intern at Emerson’s Public Safety Department, which has a partnership with Monument High School.,After seven hours of classes, most high-school freshmen are eager to go home and relax. But two days a week, Romina Blido looks forward to working alongside public safety officers at Emerson College.

Blido, 15, is an intern at Emerson’s Public Safety Department, which has a partnership with Monument High School.

The South Boston school specializes in public safety and criminal justice courses, and offers students the opportunity to participate in work-based learning programs.

Blido applied specifically for the Public Safety Internship offered at Monument, providing students with after-school paid internships at participating public safety locations. She was accepted at Emerson’s Public Safety Department, marking the department’s second year in the internship program.

Interns are matched with a supervisor on location to act as a mentor.

“We rely on the supervisors to help instill good work ethic into the students,” Sproul said. “Having a positive adult role model can help students gain a greater understanding of public safety in Boston.”

Blido has been assigned to work with Lieutenant Eric Schiazza at the Public Safety office.

“[Eric] gives me assignments, and teaches me about police and criminal investigation,” Blido said. “I have been shown pictures of [notorious] child molesters in Boston, and now I will know if I come across one.”

Only two weeks into the internship, Blido said she is learning a lot about police work and criminal investigation.

“I like learning about how to find criminals,” she said. “I am [also] interested in learning about what is going on in our community.”

Blido is fairly new to both Boston and the United States.

She moved to South Boston six years ago from Fieri, Albania, with her parents and her sister Silva, a sophomore at Suffolk University majoring in finance.

Even with her experience at Emerson, Blido hopes to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

“I want to go to Suffolk because my sister goes there, and because I am also interested in business,” she said.

Blido’s interests are not limited to business, however. She is an avid reader, especially of mystery novels.

“I like investigation, and I would like to learn how the FBI catches people,” Blido said. “I love the idea of going undercover.”

Scott Bornstein, a lieutenant of Emerson’s Public Safety Department, said Blido is enthusiastic about the internship. “She is a nice kid,” Bornstein said. “She is energetic, she has an eagerness to learn.”

Bornstein has been active in supporting the partnership with Monument.

“[Bornstein] has really managed the partnership, and has helped developed it,” said Jonathan Sproul, the Director of the Public Safety Internship Program at Monument.

Sproul selected Blido out of a number of students to participate in the internship.

Sproul said Emerson is one of three colleges in Boston to offer sites for the internship program. Boston University and Northeastern University are the other two.

Blido said she is eager to continue the internship and though she has plans for buisness, her oppurtunity has made her reconsider.

“You know what?” she said. “I might become a detective.”