Hipster bars even Emerson kids don’t know about

Sometimes you need to venture away from Sweetwater Tavern and see what other bars are out there.

Tres Gatos

What more could you want from life besides a tapas bar, a bookstore, and a record shop? Either off the Orange Line or the 39 bus lives this hip joint that is every Emerson student’s dream. According to its site, the restaurant-store hybrid is founded on the belief that sharing good food, music, and books is essential to a happy life. With live music every Monday night at 9 p.m., there’s no reason not to take a quick peek. Listen to some vinyl, eat a fancy small portioned treat, and grab a well-crafted beer!

Caffe Vittoria

The oldest Italian cafe in Boston has coffee, pastries, and of course, fancy drinks. It also has four levels of seating and three bars. Whether you want an espresso with splash of Sambuca or a signature martin—there are seven to choose from!—there will definitely be something for you. In staying true to its heritage, it is authentically Italian inside with black and white portraits hanging on the walls and old frescos painted near the countertops.


Japanese food and olive oil cocktails might not seem like the greatest combination, but that’s also what people said about milkshakes and french fries—don’t deny it, we all have done it. This bar isn’t cool because it has a genius hour, which encourages patrons to bring their laptops, iPads, and tablets, use the free wi-fi, and get some work done, while eating delicious ramen. It isn’t even interesting because of its spicy caramel popcorn with bacon snack. It’s a hip bar because you’ll never even find the entrance. (Hint: it’s in Union Square.)

Jm Curley

Think back to the times of Prohibition and the roaring ’20s. Now think of a delicious all-American burger. With the two combined, you get a burger bar right in downtown, named after a colorful and controversial Boston mayor. You can drink your Hemingway Heat or just peruse through the over 50 types of beer. There are rules in this speakeasy, though, including no obnoxious cell phone use, no inappropriate touching (of yourself and others), and “just don’t be a d*******g.”

Midway Cafe

While Machine can be a great club for members of the LGBTQ community, it can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t in a dancing mood. Midway Cafe is a place that blends meeting new like-minded folks, drinking some simple beer, and singing your heart out, if you so choose, at Queeraoke. Open seven days a week until 2 a.m,. a variety of performers come in and put on a show. Music ranges from rockabilly to metal to hip-hop. You should add this to your list of Gayborhoods, since Dig Boston already did.