House tenure denial tragic for students

I studied with Professor Roger House in three classes while at Emerson, and I considered him to be one of the best professors on campus. His lesson plans were among the most thought provoking at the university. His approach and style to the lessons were some of the most engaging of any teacher I’ve experienced in my life. Going to his classes was one of my most joyful and rewarding experiences at Emerson College.

Roger House is an Ivy League educated man. He has a Ph.D., has published a book in his field, has been published in national periodicals and has worked as a staff writer on a prominent regional newspaper. Above all, many at Emerson can attest to the positive experience of being in his class.

I am disappointed, confused and angered that Emerson did not see it fit to retain such a strong intellectual force. I fully support Dr. House’s appeal to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and can only hope that the tenure committee rethinks its choice to deny Dr. House’s tenure application.

i- David Lawson

Class of 2008/i