IFF Birth

The Independent Film Festival of Boston is like a child prodigy. Only five years since its birth, it has already discovered the keys to a successful festival and developed the acumen to hit the right notes. Picking up on the current climate of independent cinema and cultivating the nascent trends, the IFFB will find its home once again at the Somerville Theatre, Coolidge Corner Theatre and the Brattle from April 23-29.

Browsing over the program, the brief history of exponential growth doesn’t show any sign of pausing. This year, IFFB’s reputation has attracted the newest films from illustrious and audacious, if a bit divisive, auteurs such as Guy Maddin (My Winnipeg; April 28, 8:00), Harmony Korine (Mister Lonely; April 24, 7:30) and Werner Herzog (Encounters at the End of the World; April 29, 8:00).

Depending on how voracious of a moviegoer you are, the eclectic program-which is comprised of 32 narrative features, 26 documentaries and five packages of short films-should serve as a nice impetus to get your brain started for your exam-cramming sessions at the end of April. From one festival fiend to another: get the caffeine pills ready.

Passes are now available at iffboston.org and individual tickets will be available, and likely sell out, within the week.