Incident Journal

By Shafaq Patel

The Incident Journal is provided to the Beacon weekly by the Emerson College Police Department. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Monday, April 3

A student reported that their wallet was stolen in the Ansin Building.

Two visitors in the Ansin Building reported a broken elevator. Facilities Management was notified, and responded to make any necessary repairs. 

A student reported their personal items were stolen while inside the State Transportation Building.

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Tuesday, April 4

Two students were trapped inside an elevator in the Tufte Performance and Production Center. Facilities Management freed them. The students were not injured, and the elevator was inspected by Facilities Management.

Wednesday, April 5

While cataloging the contents of a lost wallet, the Emerson College Police Department found a fake driver’s license belonging to a student. Police confiscated the driver’s license and informed The Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct.

Thursday, April 6

A student reported their wallet stolen after leaving it unattended inside the Iwasaki Library. 

Saturday, April 8

Unknown person(s) threw an object at a window in the front of the Union Bank Building causing the window to crack. Facilities Management was notified for repair.

Monday, April 10

ECPD responded to a disturbance at the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets involving Securitas officers. 

Tuesday, April 11

ECPD found that someone had broken a window in front of Dunkin’ Donuts. Facilities Management secured the window from further damage.

A student reported that their wallet was stolen in an Ansin Building classroom. 

The Office of Housing and Residence Life found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside a Little Building suite and gave it to ECPD. 

Wednesday, April 12

A Securitas officer reported to ECPD that a person with no college affiliation tried and failed to gain access to the Ansin Building. ECPD searched the area for the individual to try to identify the person.

Thursday, April 13

ECPD and the Boston Fire Department investigated a fire alarm in the Little Building. The cause of the alarm was a faulty smoke detector on the fifth floor. There were no reported injuries.

Friday, April 14

A student gained access to the Walker Building without showing proper identification. They were identified and allowed to stay inside the building.

ECPD and BPD assisted traffic flow due to a motor vehicle accident in front of the Piano Row residence hall. No one was injured in the accident, but one car had to be towed. 

Saturday, April 15

Several students were trapped inside an elevator in the Paramount Center residence hall. The students safely got out of the elevator before ECPD and Facilities Management’s arrived to help. The elevator was shut down until it could be properly inspected.

Sunday, April 16

ECPD responded to a report of a fight. The aggressor of the fight fled in an unknown motor vehicle after hearing that police had been notified. The other party was not injured. 

ECPD and BPD investigated a motor vehicle break-in in front of Piano Row, in which student’s parent had a window of their car smashed in an apparent attempt to steal items from inside the car.

ECPD removed a guest of a student after they refused to leave the student’s room in the Paramount Center.  

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