Incident Journal

Monday, Feb. 20

A student reported their college ID stolen a few days earlier from their backpack inside Piano Row.


Wednesday, Feb. 22

A student reported that their external hard drive was stolen from the second floor computer kiosk of the Little Building while downloading files. The student said the hard drive was left unattended for awhile because the files were large.

Staff at the Union Bank Building reported suspicious activity from a guest at the building. After an investigation, the individual was sent a notice to stay away from the college.


Thursday, Feb. 23

A student reported the theft of personal belongings while inside Panera Bread near campus.


Friday, Feb. 24

Office of Housing and Residence Life turned over drug paraphernalia found in a Little Building suite to Emerson College Police Department.


Saturday, Feb. 25

OHRL turned over marijuana paraphernalia found in a Little Building suite to ECPD.

Someone informed an ECPD officer of an argument between a man with a tree limb cutter and other individuals. The information was given to the Boston Police Department for further investigation.