Incident Journal: ECPD responds to theft, vandalism


The Berkeley Beacon Archives

An Emerson College Police car.

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief

Monday, Oct. 24

ECPD responded to a hit-and-run car crash involving an Emerson student at the crosswalk of Tremont and Avery Streets. ECPD assisted the Emerson student and the incident is under investigation by the Boston Police Department. 

Tuesday, Oct. 25

An Emerson College student informed ECPD of a theft by deceit off campus. ECPD gave the student information to protect them from similar incidents. ECPD informed BPD of the incident and it is pending a follow-up investigation. 

Tuesday, Oct. 25

A non-Emerson College community member reported a theft involving an Emerson student to ECPD. The instance occurred off campus on Saturday, Oct. 22. The complainant resolved the issue without seeking a criminal complaint. 

Thursday, Oct. 27

An Emerson College student reported a theft of personal property in the Little Building lobby. ECPD identified a Housing and Residential Education staff member who secured the unattended property that was left in the lobby. There was no theft. 

Thursday, Oct. 27

HRE staff reported vandalism in the Little Building. The incident is under investigation. 

Friday, Oct. 28

ECPD responded to a student in need of medical assistance in the Little Building at the request of HRE staff. ECPD provided aid and the student sought additional medical attention.