Isis Magazine to change name

Update (Nov. 19, 11:33 p.m.): Isis Magazine, an on-campus publication, will officially change its name to Lash Magazine. 

“Part of what [the magazine] has always been doing is pointing out the unfair behavior that happens to us in society as college students, particularly from a feminist viewpoint, so it’s sort of us lashing out,” Willie Burnley, its editor-in-chief, said about the new name. “There’s also BDSM aspects to it, as well as eyelashes, which are aesthetically pleasing.”

Isis Magazine decided to change its name after students asked writers if there was any connection to the Islamic State in Syria, said Burnley. An alternative name that was considered for the two-year-old organization is Toxic Shock Magazine, according to Burnley. The junior writing, literature, and publishing major said it references an infection that can occur when a woman leaves her tampon in for too long. “In history, people have not liked to talk about women’s periods or women’s bodies,” he said, “but we don’t want to have limits.” 

Deputy news editor Martha Schick contributed to this report.