Kate Hefler

It was the second day at Emerson College when I finally met Kate Hefler from across the hall. I knew from the start that there was something special about her. From her eccentric story telling to interesting family background and radiant personality, I knew Kate was different.

Like myself, she is a marketing communication major, but she knew exactly what she wanted to do in life. Her passion for weddings was completely bizarre to me at first. I wondered if she thought she was J.Lo in “The Wedding Planner.” She wasn’t an actress, but a Wedding Whisperer (her actual Tumblr name). She had a passion and drive that I hadn’t seen in anyone.

Kate is very active on campus. She is the Chair of Family Weekend, has worked on Orientation Core Staff, and works as a tour guide for admissions. She is the co-founder of the newly established EmEvents organization. And, like a true leader, she is the life of any room she enters. She is a great sister and vice president of Kappa Gamma Chi. She spearheads all of the community service events for the sisterhood. She is currently also very passionate about the gorillas of the Congo — an advocate for animal rights.

Kate is a great friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.

-Ngawang Choney