Kevin Bright honored by Hollywood Caucus

The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors hosted an event on Oct. 22 in honor of Kevin Bright, who graduated from Emerson in 1976 and is now the Los Angeles center’s founding director. Bright received the Masters Seminar Award from Norman Powell, chair of the organization, and TV producer Vin Di Bona, a 1966 Emerson graduate and current trustee.

The award was followed by a discussion that his nephew, Noel Bright, moderated, according to Emerson’s website, where he told stories about the start of his professional life, being the executive producer of the hit TV show Friends, and the time he spent teaching at Emerson.

During the talk, Kevin Bright shared a piece of advice for aspiring writers, according to Emerson’s website.

“Be prepared to spend five to 10 years doing anything but writing in order to put yourself in a position to be a writer,” he said. “It’s about seasoning.”