Tall luscious palm trees swaying in the wind, a cool breeze rippling the pristine aqua blue of the pool, and bright sunshine to polish off that near perfect tan.

While those who live at the Oakwoods apartment building in Los Angeles do more than lay by the poolside, life for Emerson students in this sprawling complex is vastly different than its Boston counterparts.

The Oakwoods features Emerson students and three resident’s assistants spread in buildings A through Z. They can congregate by two heated pools, two hot tubs, or a large banquet hall for free brunch on Sundays, not to mention the volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts.

But, there’s a catch. Unlike Emerson students living in Boston, there is no meal plan provided for those who want to bask in the Southern California sun. So be prepared to hit up some taco trucks and In-N-Out Burger for a selection of cheap eats.


-Gabe Souza/Beacon Staff