LB elevators break, students wait

Three elevators in the Little Building broke down on March 1, according to an email sent to Little Building residents from Erik Muurisepp, associate dean and director of Housing and Residence Life.

“The elevators are machines, and just like any machines, they can break down,” said Muurisepp. “But they were repaired.”

Rosie Tabachnick, a freshman performing arts major, said that the crowd on Sunday night was larger than she had ever seen in the lobby.

“I definitely waited for more than 5 minutes at one point for an elevator,” said Tabachnick.

Christine Davies, a freshman marketing communication major, said that she stood in long lines to get to her room on the third floor of the building because she knew the stairs are closed on the weekend.

“I found out like hours later that they had opened up the stairs, so that was annoying,” said Davies.

The stairs were opened briefly on Sunday to lessen the traffic on the second floor of the building.

Muurisepp said that he sent out the email so that students would be able to plan ahead for the elevator delays until they were fixed later Monday morning.

A new protocol has been implemented that describes who should be called when elevators break down in the building, according to Muurisepp.

Katherine Burns, Beacon staff, contributed to the reporting of this article.